Son of a Toast

Gaston & Gilberto Corbala have always had a interest in the arts. Growing up in Tijuana gave them a childhood surrounded by an eclectic variety of art, music, and fashion - however, the kitchen always stood out as their passion. After Gaston graduated from Culinary Art School in Mexico, he enlisted the help of his brother to open a foodtruck that would eventually grow to five brick and mortar stores known as Grater Grilled Cheese. They decided it was time to team up yet again to start something new and Son of a Toast was born. Each item on their menu has been carefully crafted with nothing but the freshest quality ingredients that Southern California has to offer. Collaborations with local businesses such as Superfoods and Collins and Coupe to help bring the Son of a Toast dream to life. The Corbala brothers hope that you taste the flavors of their life's work in every bite. Provecho!

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